disconnect windowlive 2012 startup

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I used to have windowslivemail till it was shut down and I now have outlook email. I still have archival emails stored in the live mail inboxes, and can open as needed. But when I click on an email address from a webpage I might be looking at, it opens up the livemail and I can't send anything from it. I want to be able to open up the outlook mail app and send from there. At the moment I have to open outlook, then copy and paste the email I want to send to. time consuming etc

I can't find how to select the outlook to open , but I don't want to delete the windowlive mail app. 

HELP please

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@johnyjimmy  It sounds like mailto is using live mail.  These are the instructions for windows 10 - its similar in older versions.


Start typing 'default apps' on the start menu and when it comes up, open it. At the bottom of the dialog, choose Set defaults by app and find outlook in the list. Make sure Outlook has all of the defaults.