Disable Ctrl+enter to send mail

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In older versions of Outlook there was an option to enable Ctrl+Enter to send mail.  Not sure how I'm hitting the key combination so much, but I've almost sent multiple messages prematurely.   Is there a method to disable that in the New Outlook?

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General > Accessibility > Keyboard shortcuts
[x] Turn off keyboard shortcuts

There is a full list you can see by clicking on the "To see the full list of supported shortcuts, press the ? (question mark) key or click here."

Then within this section there is another link "Outlook for Windows-style shortcuts are selected. To change, go to Settings."

However it doesn't seem to have the ability to change/edit. It just pushes you back into "Settings".

As I don't really use any shortcuts I just disabled to stop accidentally sending emails when copy pasting and using enter for a next line etc... and missing "v" and just sending the email.

Getting pretty sick of this new outlook. Now I can't disable ctrl-enter without disabling all keyboard shortcuts??? Really??? MS have forced us on to this way too early.

Fully agree. Accidentally happened to me twice in one day. There is no way anybody is that efficient with writing emails that having a shortcut to immediately send one saves them any meaningful amount of time hahaha.

@xRodin Happend to mee too. I now use the "Undo send" option under Settings-Mail. It allows you to undo send for x seconds, max 10.  Off course, not as good as diabling ctrl-enter...

What makes this worse is that Microsoft Teams makes use of CTRL+enter to prevent sending a message when adding a new line. Due to Teams, I've started creating the habit of pressing CTRL+enter when creating multiline Teams messages. This habit is bleeding into Outlook, which causes me to prematurely send emails.