Details concerning automatisation of sending emails with Calendar schedule

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We are a small company (around 50 desks) that has a volume license for O365 and a few other applications.


A new employee told us (I am at the IT support department) that he needs to receive an email at a certain hour containing all his (or others) meetings/schedule he already saved in his O365 Calendar. I would like to know how to do that, if there is a way, and of course hot to automate it so that there is no user intervention requiered after the rule is set.


If there is a know-how library somewhere, please point me in the right direction, or if you used to this process please walk me through it, it is very much appreciated.


Example: user Email address removed sets his calendar daily; same user Email address removed wants to receive an email at 7 AM containing all his calendar schedule for that present day. 


Thank you in advance,

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