Deleting spam emails

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I am suddenly inundated with spam that are all with various emails addresses from a specific domain. I've block the domain online so they all go into junk mail but they really pile up in there.


I know that a rule can be created so an email from a specific email address so the email is deleted permanently. But I can't see any way to create a rule to delete all emails from a particular domain no matter what the address part before the "@" is.


Any way accomplish this? I don't just want them moved into the Deleted Items folder, I want them permanently deleted.



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If you are using Exchange Online/EOP, you can add the domain to the list of blocked domain. You can also change the spam action to delete instead of move to junk. Creating a transport rule that acts on messages from said domain also works.


I must be in the wrong forum as I thought this was the forum for issues, not O365 business.