Deleted items in Outlook and MRM policy

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This is a very basic question on Office 365 Exchange online MRM policy for Deleted items. The default MRM policy indicates for Deleted Items the Retention action is  Delete and Allow Recovery with retention period of 30 days. Does this mean


1. The mail items in Deleted items folder will be deleted automatically after 30 days and will allow for recovery


2. Does it mean when a mail item is deleted from the deleted items folder it is recoverable for 30 days



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The first.


The second is controlled via Set-Mailbox -RetainDeletedItemsFor
The default value for Office 365 Exchange Online is 14 days with a maximum up to 30 days.


See: Change how long permanently deleted items are kept for an Exchange Online mailbox

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Just to add that the Default MRM Policy in ExO should *not* have the Deleted Items tag in it, they removed this one few years ago. If you want to ensure that items in the Deleted Items folder are automatically removed after some time, you need to rename the default policy or create a new one with that tag and assign it to users. Here's the blog article announcing this change:

Thanks, so just renamed the default to something else and add the deleted items tag didnt work, does this means i need create custom policy and then apply it ?

Hm, well I usually create a new policy anyway, but afaik renaming the default one should work.

I have a new policy only for "deleted item folder" with 30 days delte.

But it doesn´t work.

Policy ist applied but no old mails were deleted.

I started the managed folder assistent manually and I also wait a few days...

But nothing happend.