Deleted Internet Calendars reappearing

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Has anyone found a working solution to this issue yet? 

When I try to modify an appointment in my shared internet calendar, several deleted calendars reappear. 

I have to close Outlook, re-open, go to the Calendar tab, click on the "deleted" calendar to get the message "This file cannot be opened" to clear them from the list. The internet calendar that I do need to see (not modify) takes several moments to reload - which is causing considerable inconvenience.


I have tried the scanpst on the Internet.pst file - it says there are errors, but after repair, the same issue occurs.


This seems to have been an issue with users for several years! Why is it still happening!!!


yours frustratedly! 


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When I searched on the internet for the same solution before while I found different solutions on the same answer, in some it was advised to check your Outlook folder "subscribe" settings to prevent deleted folders from coming back but this can happen when an email client like Outlook is configured with IMAP server settings and for few, it was telling the send and receive an error.

Firstly, I would suggest you fill this form and Microsoft will provide the answer to your exact query and what’s better than that:


Secondly, it can be the PST file error, which you already described in the line “I have tried the scanpst on the Internet.pst file - it says there are errors”. Sometimes Scan PST cannot resolve the error if it’s beyond the limit. For that, you can try to repair from one of the tools which I also use i.e, Stellar Repair for Outlook. It can repair your PST file and any error occurring because of that. For trying purpose just check it free version here



Thanks for responding.

I have also searched the internet to see if there is a simple solution. There seem to be several people with the same issue, but no answer - hence my question here.


I have tried recreating the PST file - and that also has the same issue. 



The form you linked was talking about deleted emails reappearing. That is not the issue. The issue is that when I try and amend an Outlook internet calendar entry, I loose the connection to a 3rd party calendar, and instead get a list of deleted calendar names.


I have the same issue and no solution.

S#Same Issue.




Same issue


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