Deleted calendars reappear.

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I have a user that when she deletes a calendar it will reappear.  Plus she will have more than one calendar in her shared list.  I have tried quick repair, online repair, rebuild her profile, and open outlook in safe mode.  I looked for the Scan PST file but could not locate the Office folder under program data x86.  This also happens on her Surface. 

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Hello @PKeller80,

Two questions:

1- Would the calendars also appear when using Outlook WebApp? Go to, sign in and click on Outlook. See if they are in there.

2- If they are not appearing on the WebApp, then remove Outlook using this tool.

3- After running the tool, reinstall and let me know.


@JosePinos55 I'm seeing the exact same issue, although it is slightly different between the desktop client version and the OWA version.

Essentially Client version and Web version show two slightly different sets of Shared Calendars.

In the client version there are a number of old Shared Calendars that I try and delete and on refresh or reload they just return. No error when deleting them. I can add new shared calendars from my institutions directory and they persist. I can also delete the new ones and they will disappear.

In OWA I try and delete calendars, no error, they disappear, but again they just reappear on refresh.  If I try and add calendars from my institution's directory they appear but on refresh just disappear.

As some background I have been at the institution a long time (27 years) and so my account has passed through various upgrades and then move to Exchange365.  I think we may also be running in Hybrid mode with an exchange server still onsite.