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I want to know if it possible to get rid of the delete button that comes up when you hover on a message as it easy to delete a message instead of flagging it as the buttons are very close together.Capture.GIF

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Hi @Fmudsy,


Please switch your outlook from MOUSE to TOUCH mode, it will disappear the DELETE icon from your outlook..


The steps are as follows:


Touch Mode spaces the buttons a little farther apart on the screen, so they’re easier to tap. You can turn on Touch Mode by tapping the Touch Mode button on the Quick Access Toolbar.



Or tap the Touch/Mouse Mode hand icon on the Quick Access Toolbar and tap Touch.




If you don’t see the button or the icon on the Quick Access Toolbar, you can add it.

  1. Press, hold, then release any button on the Quick Access Toolbar, then tap Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

  2. Under Popular commands, tap Touch Mode or Touch/Mouse Mode, and tap Add.

To turn Touch Mode off, tap the Touch Mode button again. Or tap the Touch/Mouse Mode hand icon and tap Mouse.




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Hi @MDadarkar 


I had tried that and i did solve the issue a few months ago (the cross disappeared). But after a recent update, it is back regardless of having the touch or mouse mode, the bin icon appears when you hover on a message.


It is really annoying as it solved the problem earlier but something seems to have changed after a recent update. Thanks.


Hi @Fmudsy ,


I can understand your situation and pain.


Actually, this feature is available on OWA and Outlook 365 as shown in the below image.Outlook.PNG 

@Harry_Smith54 i am in the UK do you have a UK number?

Hi @Fmudsy, please do not try to call this number or try to contact this user via direct messages, it is very apparent that this is a bot or a malicious user and users like these should be immediately reported.

Yes in the settings you can remove the label trash I added - screenshot 
Thank you very much

This morning I woke up to a new outlook update.


Touch mode has brought back the trash can/ delete button. Whether I like it or not.
Very annoying, I can't afford to miss click because that instantly deletes the e-mail. Who at Microsoft in their right mind thought this was a good place for this button?!

Anyway, hoping any outlook guru's here have a new workaround for this.

- Switching to touch / mouse makes no difference.
- Removing "delete" from the quick actions makes no difference

Was a MS fanboy but now becoming a hater due to the random rollout of unwanted 'features' like this. I sent feedback from outlook but that had no effect (obviously).

To anyone at MS who cares, putting delete so close to other buttons is an anti-feature, and not being able to remove it - or even set 'are you sure?' behaviour - is classic 20-something male caffeinated coder, oblivious to the rest of the world who might actually not be as dexterous as he is. Or have 20/20 vision. So shame on you.

The irony in Outlook is it still has unfixed bugs from 10y ago! (or at least features they refuse to implement). Instead we just get more bloat and chaotic GUI.

Even the settings is 'meh' - they put everything new under 'advanced' and can't be bothered to make it searchable or in any way logical.

I have FOSS products produced by ONE PERSON that has more thoughtful features.

Is it any wonder that anyone who has the freedom to choose another ecosystem is doing so??
Poor placement, close to other Quick Action Flag and other buttons
Hidden until hovered-over and can tap accidentally when scrolling list
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