Delegate sets my appointments but I still want to get notifications

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I have a PA who is set up as a delegate on my Outlook 365 calendar. She is able to set meetings and appointments directly on my calendar with no problem.


However, when she sets a meeting or appointment, I do not receive email notification or desktop notification. (I'm guessing that's because she is functioning as "me" as far as Outlook is concerned, and I do not get notifications when I set my own appointments...)


That being said, however, I do want to receive notifications for appointments she sets.


I travel a lot and my calendar can change on an hour-by-hour basis. Without some kind of notification, I find myself missing new appointments/meetings.


Thoughts? (I did search the forums for an answer, but didn't find anything addressing this particular issue.)


Thanks for any help!

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Open Outlook Calendar; click the Settings gear icon, Options; from Options pane, expand Calendar, Shared Calendars; click Calendar updates; check any calendar to receive calendar updates or uncheck any calendar to stop calendar updates; Save.

@aleneziThanks for the suggestion.  I too am looking for the right way to resolve this little issue.  Your directions don't mesh with what I see on screen, for Outlook.  This could be because Outlook has changed since OP's quesion posted, over 2 years ago.


Could you confirm if the instructions you've provided is for Outlook for Windows (as part of M365 Apps for business).  I cannot see a Settings gear icon in the calendar view of Outlook for Windows (M365), so can't even start to apply your suggested fix.

@daveybopsEUREKA! (I've found it).


In Outlook main window, click File --> account settings --> Delegate Access and if you get an error trying to apply the recommended setting (which is our desired outcome), follow KB 2593557, here's the link to the KB article in full.



For newer versions of Outlook - to solves this issue

Click on File

Account Settings

Delegate Access

click the option "My delegates and me"


This will ensure calendar requests / responses also come through to your email