Delegate issue on mobile experience

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I have found an issue with O365 calendar syncing between delegates. It appears that meeting invites can still be accepted on a mobile device even if a delegate has already declined it.
The test I run is:
  1. Send meeting invite to user 1
  2. User 2 (delegate of user 1) declines the meeting invite on behalf of user 1
  3. User 1 can see the invite still in their inbox on their mobile device, and selects the RSVP option. They then select to accept the meeting and it appears in their calendar.
If I do the same test but on a desktop environment, the PC pops up when I click accept, and says that my delegate has already declined the meeting invite and asks if I still wish to proceed.
Anyone else seen this? Any hints as to how to resolve?
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@Julia Foran might be able to help here.

Thanks! @Julia Foran can you?

Hi Mike,

Is this using Outlook Mobile app? If so, the best way to report this is via the in-app support (Settings -> Help & Feedback). The content from users there is aggregate & reviewed by the product team.

AFAIK, this scenario was not implemented in Mobile (and I think it doesn't exist in OWA or Mac either - was a Windows only implementation - but I haven't tested).