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The time-zone for UTC-5:00 in my Outlook calendar seems to be off about an hour. I think this happened after daylight savings. Does anyone else have this issue or is able to replicate? This might be effecting other users in our domain, so I will be watching this post and can answer any followup questions.

My local computer time is correct and recently synced with the DC. Sending a calendar invite and selecting the time based on timezone is accurate (tested with another on Eastern time). I think the only issue is how it's displayed on the calendar. For now I'm using UTC-6:00 Central as that's what UTC-5:00 Eastern actually is.





Office vers. 16.0.14931.20120



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@rplace Yes, it happened to me as well. My clock did not automatically adjust for DST and I had to manually change the clock ahead one hour. Several of my meetings were then off by one hour