Dark Mode Gone in Outlook Online

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I use the web version of all the M365 apps in Edge and have my appearance set to dark where possible. This morning I booted up only to see that Outlook has lost the ability to show a Dark mode in both calendar and mail. When I open the setting and go to the appearance section the entire pane is blank! Apps like Teams and Word still seem to have no problem displaying the dark mode. What happened? Help, it's burning my eyes!

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This is not my experience. If you click on Settings > General > Appearance is System default selected?
Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned, when I go to Setting > General > Appearance the entire pane is. blank. There are no settings there. Nada - nothing. However, everything was set to Dark before including the appearance setting on the level of my account, which should cascade down.

Since I posted, I went to an old personal account in an incognito window and opened Outlook there and can see these settings without an issue. So, it seems like this has something to do with my company's tenant. Who knows what they screwed up there, but I was wondering why more people weren't complaining about this. Unfortunately for me, it looks like I'm going to have try to deal with internal admins about this.

Thanks again for the interest.
Good to know it's configuration related. There are group policies to mange that setting so maybe they thave it misconfigured. Let me know how it works out and if you need more help!
Just to close this off, I can confirm this was a configuration issue. The tenant admins acknowledged a change had been made that hid the appearance settings which resulted in this behavior. They reversed that change, and everything went back to normal.
If your company is having issues they could reach out to our Disability Answer Desk for help - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Accessibility/disability-answer-desk?activetab=contact-pivot%3aprima...