Customized Settings are not saved in Outlook 2016

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Good Morning Community,

a few of our users are experiencing the issue that if they set customized settings or ribbons, that they will not be saved the next time they start Outlook.

The Outlook Version I am talking about is Outlook 2016 (Build 9126.2259 Click-to-Run) Semi-annual Channel


Does anybody had the same experience or knows about this issue. Any help is much appreciated.




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Are there any GPOs in effect? That will affect settings, but not generally the ribbon. The users may need to reset the ribbon - but this will wipe out all changes, even ones that are sticking around. 

GPOs are in effect but the curiosity is that other users don't have this issue and they also have GPOs in effect.


I was thinking maybe it has something to do with the Outlook profile. Maybe the profile is corrupted? The thing is, Outlook saves different settings in different locations. Some settings are saved in the .pst/.ost file and some others are saved in the outlook profile.

>> Maybe the profile is corrupted?

Possibly, but the ribbon customizations are per user, not really linked to the profile. Many settings stored in the registry are outside of the profile too - deleting the profile wont change the settings. 


Things like the autocomplete list and categories are in the data file - but most options are in the registry. 


If the affected users have a different version (like the OEM build), I'd blame the software - the version shipped on new computers uses a virtual registry and may not honor all GPOs. (Consumer versions honor some, but not all GPOs). 


I would try resetting the ribbons - I had problems with my ribbon and needed to do that. (I was restoring backup copies and they'd corrupt within a couple of weeks. I gave up and reset the ribbons - its been fine since. I still have backups, but never need to restore them.)