Customize presentation of contact details in Outlook

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I’m new to this community and first of all I would like to say “hello”. ;)

I’ve got a question about contact details card in Outlook and how they can be extended in the Office365 Environment. The source information stored in an active directory and which sync's to Azure AD.

Now, I would like to present the employeID in the contact details.
I verified that the flag employeID is successfully synced to Azure AD. But than my knowledge stops.

My first question:
Is it possible to customize the contact details in Outlook (I intend to use the "person search" bar) to display more information?

Or does anyone know which Information can be display in this "person search" bar?
Unfortunately I haven't found a sufficient documentation about such a topic.


Thank you very much.

Please don't hesitate to ask if any questions arise. :)

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I haven't played with this in a while, but previously the method described here did the job:

Hi Vasil,


thank you very much for your reply. Great, that gives me hope that it is possible.;)
Based of that link you've posted I found inspiration again and did a bit of further research (matching Outlook 2016). I found that MS provides a set of Group Policies to chance the contact card details. I also played a little bit with that. But, unfortunately the replacements doesn't work.

I used the values and filled it with the specific values:

[string] = turnoncontacttabadreplace16 = extensionAttribute1

[REG_DWORD] turnoncontacttablabelreplace16 = Personalnummer
(The 16 should replace the birthday)


I also tried some Azure AD Attributes, but the behaviour doesn't change.


So, now I'm wondering, does this work for a O365 Environment with Exchange Online also?

Thank you very much in advance!


It does work, here's a quick test I did with replacing both the label and the corresponding attribute value for the Office field.



Hi Vasil,


thank you so much for your effort!!
Okay, that's truly a proof. Obviously I'm doing something wrong.

I configured both registry keys as well, but the changes wont take effect.
In this case I used the label telephone "work" to override and linked it with the AD-Attribute "employeeID".






The result (after gpudpate & Outlook restart).


I don't have a glue what I'm doing wrong. My guess - is there a specific way how to link the AD-Attribute? The attribute is configured in both sources (AD and Azure AD) with same ID and filled with Information.


As already said, I'm really grateful for your help!

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I used the TurnOnContactTabLabelReplace2 string for the label. And for the value, the TurnOnContactTabMAPIReplace2, which needs to be DWORD, not String.

Hi Vasil,


I would like to thank you! The MAPI values are working well.
I was hoping that the AD-Attributes are also working, therefore I've opened Ticket at Microsoft Support. Our findings are the same - the MAPI values are the only working solution to rewrite information in the outlook contact card.

So, I also thank you for your effort and help! :)