Custom theme and new Outlook on the Web experience

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Hi, we just received the new experience for Outlook on the Web and it wiped out our corporate custom theme as well. Even worse, if you prevent users from overriding the custom theming with their own theme, this setting is ignored in the new experience for Outlook on the Web and it opens up all the cat and robot themes to be selected.


This of course triggers the question what  the plans from Microsoft are related to custom theming for Outlook on the Web and more in general for Office 365?

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Based on the current list of limitations (, the new experience is more of a "minimum viable product" type of release... I would suggest holding off the switch for a while. I'm sure we will hear a lot about it at Ignite, including the future plans, but it's not uncommon to have to wait for months in the "agile" world we live in...


I've added the Theme support to the thread above, perhaps you also want to share your thoughts there.

Company branding has appeared in the new experience! Good to know this is still supported. Now let's see if Teams will provide it as well :-).