Custom AddIns Quite Broken in new Outlook?

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Hi All,


There seems to be a series of fundamental breakage of many features of the new Outlook, I've developed a custom AddIn (this uses React JS and the office.js stuff) which works beautifully under the current version, and I wanted to throw this out there in case anyone knows of workarounds to any of the following issues using new Outlook:


  • For some users the AddIn appears, but the sidebar doesn't open when button is clicked (for most users - including others also using the 'new Outlook' this part is fine)
  • For all users, the sidebar is only about 463 pixels wide (not really wide enough to use for anything useful) also can't be dragged and resized, and setting the <DesktopSettings> -> <RequestedWidth> node within the manifest.xml has no effect under new Outlook, despite it being documented by Microsoft here: but on the current version of Outlook this seems to work.
  • Publishing new versions of this AddIn never update on the New Outlook (this applies to everyone), even when publishing the XML with a new version number, at no stage does this ever update once first accessed - which is particularly puzzling since this content shouldn't even be stored locally - it runs from a hosted account, which makes me wonder if there's some cache that never updates somewhere I might be able to manually clear out.

Any help or suggestions on these are welcome.  I've already tried clearing out the %localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache so can confirm, if indeed the new Outlook caches all AddIns, the content for them aren't stored here


Any help or suggestions welcome


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