Creating an unread folder in OWA

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In the desktop version, I have an Unread mail folder that shows me all of my unread emails from all of my Personal folders + Inbox. Is there a way to do that in OWA? Thanks.

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@AndiRobinson Please have a look at this article:


Creating Search Folders in OWA

Thank you so much!

@Hal HostetlerI tried that and it didn't work. Is there a certain amount of time you have to leave it unconnected to cache? 

I never was about to get this to work on OWA. Did you have any success?
No. And it seems like such a simple thing. You can do a search for unread mail in OWA, but you can't create a folder for all unread mail. It is so frustrating and the main reason I have not switched to using OWA exclusively.

@AndiRobinson  I also want to use OWA, but the unread folder is a blocker for me. But this is the curse of working with Microsoft. They give you 80% of what you want and then never deliver the remaining 20% that makes the product perfect for your needs, forcing you to spend hours upon hours trying to find ways to make it work, only to either give up or find a third party tool to do it. And it is like this across the board, even when MS users are screaming for functionality.


MS is a lumbering giant, too slow to do anything at any speed, but so large it seems to have its own gravitational field, so it drags everyone with it.