Create a rule to move a copy of flagged emails into a subfolder

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Hi Team,


I have over 30+ subfolders but I want to create a rule that moves a copy of a flagged email into another subfolder. 


How do I do this please as the rule I am setting is not working? 




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Configure junk email settings on Exchange Online mailboxes - Office 365 | Microsoft Docs Admins can learn how to configure the junk email settings in Exchange Online mailboxes. Many of these settings are available to users in Outlook or Outlook on the web.
You can create a Power Automate flow to do that.
Hi Victor, if I was to create a Power Automate flow to do this, I would have to create 30+ flows as I have so many subfolders. Is there a way to do this for all subfolders together in one flow? Thank you

In fact you do not need 30 flows. Create a scheduled flow and run it in every 5 minutes.


Also, if you run Outlook for Windows,  you can create an add-in. It will be much faster than the flow.

How do I create an add-in please?
Google for "Outlook COM add-in".
Hi AndrzejX, please can you explain how this will resolve my issue? I have read the link but still confused. Thank you

@Victor Ivanidze which specific add-in do I need to download or what do I search for? 




As far as I know there is no any ready-to use add-in that will do what you want.
Hire someone to create it.

Hi @milo1234

the rule you've shown in your initial message doesn't work automatically but can be executed manually against any folder in Outlook desktop. Please check it.

Have a look at  RunJunkRules for Outlook 2013/2016/2019 add-in (yes it's mine ;)).

It can execute any rule against Junk Email folder automatically. Not exactly what you want but close enough.

E-mail me directly if you are interested in custom development.