Coordinated team calendar in MS teams/Outlook

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I’m trying to find a way to have a coordinated calendar for our team.  I would like it pull from the info in an employee’s outlook calendar so they do not have to enter an item in more than one place. 


Is there such a thing for MS Teams or Outlook?


Some goals I have are:

  • To display the calendars of more than 20 people.
  • Single entry – enter into Outlook calendar and it show up on MS Teams calendar and the coordinated calendar
  • Have the ability to see more about the details of the calendar event than “busy.”  We could come up with a category of events that would work for this if the event details were not able to be seen.


I found “Bookings” as an option but, from what I’ve seen, you would have to add an event in to Bookings directly.  I could not find where it would pull the info from Outlook.

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