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Thanks to OCM being a dead duck, I need help with sharing contacts;


We are O365 Bus Prem subscribers and use Android mobile devices.


I am needing to share contacts with other users AND have these contacts available on their respective mobile devices - HOW?


Currently, all contacts are saved in my Outlook Contacts and then shared with the other two users. This works when working from office on the PC. However as soon as the other users leave office with only an Android device, the contacts are no longer available.


The contacts obliviously sync to my Android devices BUT how do I get them onto my colleges devices?

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@Paul Worthington  They'd need to copy the contacts to their own contacts folder if they wanted them on their own device. 

@Diane Poremsky Thanks but most certainly not my preference.


This is far to risky, the staff member then has complete control over the data and we end up with too many version of the same data all over the place.


I am paranoid about data security and need to protect and retain ownership at all times. I have been severely burnt recently due to O365 not being configured correctly in so far as data security is concerned which has resulted in me gaining a competitor who is using MY customer database and related data against me. Yes I know there are many ways of stealing my data, however I need to ensure that I have the the best protection possible in place.


OCM was the perfect simple solution.


I need a central repository for all customer data and communications, so that every team member works off the same data and we can all see what the communications/activity history of each customer is at all times. this way we are all on the same page. 


It is looking more and more like I need to resort to a third party developed system which I will have to "plug in" to Outlook, which is not my preferred method.


Considering that we are a 3 user site, the costs vs the reward are a factor.