Connected Accounts, sending a reply or sends as the connected account the email stopped working

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Issue. Using Connected Accounts, sending a reply or sends as the connected account the email stopped working several days ago. Inbound email to the connected account arrives without issue


Below show details from the failed send 

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

The TO “Email address “

The email system had a problem processing this message. It won't try to deliver this message again


Below under “Diagnostic information for administrators:”

Generating server:

Remote Server returned '550 5.6.2 STOREDRV.Submit; subscription not enabled for send as'


As background I used this feature with several connected accounts for years without issue (and other users under my admin). The key feature is the auto population of the From field when replying or sending. Never had any issue and no changes to our setup.


My own troubleshooting I deleted and re-added each of the connected accounts. They add back without issue and download and goto an OK status. But as soon as try to send or reply via then get same error as above. 


My guess is the O365 developers are making changes that affected then send permissions. And deleting and re-adding does not trigger a full propagation of the send as permission. 


Is there any way to fix this? I would think the support team if given the correct guidance could fix permissions. 


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Connected accounts will soon be deprecated, and although Microsoft hasn't specifically mentioned disabling the send as functionality, my guess is that it's part of the process. In case you missed the memo, you can get more details here:

I read the memo. It says the functionality would continue to be supported until Oct 31.


I am a customer that has used the connected account functionality for 5+ years.


The feature has worked without issue for this entire period. Since last week the send as does not work. I have multiple users down.


If the date is Oct 31 then they should not be disabling the the only real function prior to that date. At this point it only receives email. That can be accomplished by just forwarding from each connected account. The material feature is the ability to rely as the connected account and to auto-populate the from field on a reply. What microsoft has done here is turn off a feature without giving the user community an opportunity to adjust.


Agreed. This needs to be fixed. I can't respond to my employer and other co-workers. But for some reason, they are not experiencing the same issue. 

FYI .. i just hung up on O365 support session ... they have replicated in their lab ... and


Together on remote session .. deleted and re-added both an office 365 shared mailbox account and google account (non google domain hosted by google but uses same settings)  .. same result on both  .. it adds accepts credentials and downloads email but will not send due to failed verification email ..


we used powershell to view permissions on the connected accounts and attempt to force the send of the verification email  .. that failed for reasons that baffled the support engineer.


Captured transcipts of all powershell activity and recorded the failed email timestamps


He is going to engage developers to see why the powershell failed.


My feeling is if can get the powershell to allow the verification email to go out then will be back in business


Thanks, Edward. What phone number did you call?

we have a business o365 account. I am admin. I create tickets via our admin portal. They call me.


I can call in and if i do i call 800-636-7914 (concierge line)

The connected account feature is for all practical purposes gone.


The configuration that i have used for years and worked for our users very well is now permanently non functional as it depended on connected accounts. The most important feature connected accounts provided was autoreply to set the From field on a reply when that was to a email associated with a connected account.


Each of the connected accounts was connected to a single purpose O365 shared mailbox. This has send as / on behalf of permissions. The user can manually set the from field but they routinely forget. Is there any feature / config or other setting that can auto set the from field on an reply?






Hi Edward,


it looks like only third-party tools/services could fit your requirements - no native method.



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