Combined/Linked Inbox in Outlook for Windows

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Are there plans to have combined/linked inboxes in the Windows Outlook client? Currently the Mail app in Windows supports, the Outlook app for macOS, and iOS and Android also supports yet the Windows app does not.



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could you please rephrase? What exactly does not support Outlook for Windows?

@Victor Ivanidze sure, I've attached a snip of the All Accounts/Inbox option that's available in the macOS Outlook (it's also available in the iOS and Android versions as well as the Windows Mail app), if you have multiple email accounts in those versions of Outlook it will show all the mail in that one All Accounts inbox, it's really nice feature and I've never understood why it's not available in Outlook Windows client

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Ah, thank you, now understood. Have a look at
awesome, that was the info I was looking for. thanks a lot.
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