Cloud sync - conflicts with Shared Mailboxes if signed in with username/password?

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We are preparing for the roll out of the Outlook for Windows: Store settings in the cloud feature. Many of our users have added Shared Mailboxes by signing in directly (with a username/password instead of adding them as an additional mailbox to an existing account). We do this on purpose as there are some limitations with Shared Mailboxes that can only be overcome be logging into the mailbox directly. The primary account for these users' Outlook profiles is their own direct mailbox (i.e. not any of the Shared Mailboxes).


I'm looking for clarity on how sync will work in this situation. If User A and User B both have in their Outlook profile (signed in with username/password), will their settings conflict? Or does the sync only apply to the primary mailbox in the Outlook profile?

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We have yet to see any guidance about this, so we will be pushing the GPO to disable this until we have more information