Cloud Attachments have disappeared from Outlook

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Hopefully a simple question for SOMEONE out there. This has my pulling my hair out.


I have a surface pro 4 with the latest version of Office C2R 2016 installed.


When I open outlook, and go to attach a file to a new email, I'm not present with the cloud documents I've been working on in the "recent documents" view. I can click "Browse Web Locations" and that is successfull, but the latest documents never have anything from the cloud.


I've repaired, reinstalled, etc. I also have installed on a fresh machine and on that, it works perfectly. Only an issue with my surface pro 4. I've removed all Outlook add-in's. I'm at a loss at the moment and really don't want to have to reformat.


Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas? I've ran OffCAT as well, and that has not helped.

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Under File ... Office Accounts is OneDrive for Business still a connected service ?