clickable links not copying to email

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I have been using an application (Phrasexpress) for a while to insert pre-defined texts into email messages using keywords. For example, I may have a keyword ##support, which then inserts a line of text "For support click here." The word "here" is a hyperlink to the support website. This has worked fine for years. 

Today I noticed that this seems to be broken. The application still inserts the line, but the hyperlink is not transferred (and the word "here" appears in normal font, color and is not underlined, and not clickable. I checked the text format, and it is set to HTML (which I normally use).

I can use the same keyword also in Word, and there it works fine, so I don't think it is a problem with the application.

When I try to copy and paste the text from Word into an email, the link again disappears. 

I have already repaired and re-installed Outlook, and created a new profile. Does not seem to help. 

Is there perhaps a new security feature that was installed and that prevents the creation of clickable links that way?

I can highlight a word in the email and manually set a link, which then changes the font color to blue and underlines the word to indicate a link, and hovering over the word also shows me the link. So, something in Outlook prevents me from pasting a clickable link. 

I checked the options, but could not find anything that would do this.

How do I reset this?


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