Clean a shared box in Outlook

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In a personal mailbox on Outlook, you can clean the box with the function Mailbox Cleanup.

This function seems to not be existing on a shared mailbox.

Is there a way to use it in such a mailbox?


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Hi @Slyleglobe 


I've cleared up shared mailboxes by logging into OWA, opening the shared mailbox and going to options and running the mailbox cleanup from there


That said, just tried to do that in my 365 tenant and I can't see the option, so YMMV


Instructions on the way I used to do it here: Hopefully they'll work for you!



This, and many other functionalities are only available when the mailbox is added as full-fledged account in Outlook (via File -> Add account), as opposed to automapping it or adding it as additional mailbox via Account settings. Use OWA as suggested above, or configure the mailbox as additional account instead (make sure to provide *your* credentials when prompted).



Thanks for your answers.

Unfortunately, I can't manage to connect to OWA... I will contact my IT admin to let them modify my account, as Vasil explained.


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