choose correct sent-account based on contact

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I would like an automatic selection of the correct sent account based on the chosen contact in Outlook 365.

I've tree accounts in Outlook.




I send almost everything with the first account. However, there are contacts that I always want to send mail with account 2 or account 3.
Ding that, I
a. have to remember to do it every time.
b. always specify at 'From' which account I want to use to send.


I would like to specify for those contacts that mail always should be sent from account 2 or 3.

Is that possible?


If not, how do I make that a wish?





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I believe you cannot do that natively. Hire somebody to create an Outlook script or an add-in.
Sounds like a great idea though. I hope Microsoft considers this solution for future efficiencies. I could use this feature.

Hi @Teresa_Cyrus,

are you ready to pay for the add-in that implements this functionality?

What's the fair price for that, in your opinion?


Hi, I wouldn't pay extra for this feature but I would download a free app.
The ability to align contacts with From line should be easy to incorporate as part of the core features of Outlook.

I have macros that use categories to set the from - with one version, you select the contact and run the macro, the other version looks up the contact when you send and if the category doesn't match the From account, asks if you want to send.

HI @Diane_Poremsky_MVP, I will check out your macros. Do the macro work on Outlook for the Web? Thanks.


I still think MS should have this feature already part of the app.