Changing the body content of email in Outlook Add-In

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Hi I am developing an outlook add-in using jQuery. I am trying to add the links to the contents of the emails in the main body. But I am not able to add the links. They only gives the option of known-entities and regular expression which do not fulfill my requirement.

For example let say I have the following emails.

Hi I am trying to make the outlook plugin. Please help me on that.

And another email ::

Hey outlook developers, I am too impatient to find the options of changing the email body in the outlook plugin. Outlook plugins are cool

Now lets say i have the list of words ["Please", "body", "options", "outlook"] to which I have to add links on my email body such that the emails should change into ::

Email 1:

Hi I am trying to make the outlook plugin. Please help me on that.

and Email 2

Hey outlook developers, I am too tired to find the options of changing the email body in the outlook plugin. Outlook plugins are cool

Is there any way I can achieve this in Outlook Desktop or Web in any platforms? Any help will be much appreciated.

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