Changing FROM name in Outlook for Windows?

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Is there a way in the app to change the FROM name? I have looked everywhere and just cannot find it.


I've setup an IMAP email account using a custom email from my own email address. The FROM name is showing as my personal name, but I would like to change it to my business name.






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You can try - edit the name of the Microsoft account profile through which this mail account was created.

If you manage to change it - it will take 24 hours to make changes in your Outlook account.


@A1  This is a custom email address, it's an email address removed for privacy reasons  - I just put the username and pass in to Outlook for Windows and it pulled my emails in.


So technically it's not linked to any Microsoft account profile. I am logged in to a Microsoft account via Windows etc though, but surely it can't be that complicated to change the FROM name?






Thanks for the link, but Outlook for Windows doesn't look to be part of the Microsoft 365 family.

I'm not using the full Outlook program, just the Outlook for Windows app from the Microsoft store.


In the Mail and calendar application for Windows10 - you can (set any display name from) , so try to synchronize this account in this application, there in the settings is the possibility to enter a display name, it is not ideal but then you can switch to Outlook Web and it should be fine :) 

Update your Mail and Calendar apps to use this type of account - Microsoft Support