Changing Email in Outlook

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I had Outlook 2019 set up the way I wanted. Outlook Today showed my my daily tasks and schedule. When I received email invitations they showed up as "tentative" on my schedule. I could put emails into my "to do" list and slide items from my "to do" list onto my schedule. My schedule and my contacts were always synched with my phone. 

Then my provider announced they would no longer support emails, so I gave up my .net email address for a email address; I like the POP functionality and ability to integrate with Outlook. 

Then the problems started even though I tied, or think I have tied, the new email address to the existing .pst file:

- Can't figure out how to link Outlook today to new email address and old calendar

- Can't figure out how to access old calendar events with new email address; auto populate from email invitations no longer works. 

- How do I link my existing list of tasks to the new email address?


I know there has to be a way to do this, but I can't find sufficient information on how Outlook 2019 works with regard to file structure and data sources to make it work. 

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