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Many offices are switching to the 50 or 55m hour meeting, and I can change the default duration to make this easier.  Unfortunately human nature is what it is - there's always one more thing to use up that time, and the rule often gets trampled in practice.


The reverse is generally not true.  I've found that starting meetings 5m late works beautifully to self-enforce the same idea.  But I can't find a way to get Outlook to do this as a default - set a meeting start time to 5 or 35m past the hour.  Is there a way to do this in the config, via VBA, or some such?



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Last time I asked about this, the answer was that the general feeling was that too many controls can overcomplicate things, so Microsoft decided against implementing "start meeting late" kind of option. But feel free to put it on UserVoice, if enough customers request it they might change their mind.

@VasilMichev I appreciate the response.  From a VBA perspective, there's no variable I can adjust there either?  Ah, well.


I'd thought this would be about as popular an option as changing meeting duration, but apparently not.


Thanks again.

Not sure about VBA, not my thing. But it sounds doable :)

@Karuana_Gatimu_MSFT@TA_KCB mentioned yesterday in the Microsoft 365 Collab Conference that Microsoft starts 5 minutes late (or 10 for hour-long meetings). Maybe she has advice, or can connect us with someone that knows how to do this?
My company has already agreed to start 5/10 minutes late if I can figure out how to make it a default setting...
Thanks for any help possible Karuana. FYI, you are the reason I joined this community, so, thanks!