Centralize Contact Management in a small organization

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I'm looking for a way to centralize contact management in a small organization. As an example: an assistant is asked to digitalize business cards. These contacts then need to be available to multiple people in the organization. Copying it to everyones Personal Contacts (in their exchange mailbox) would be weird I guess.


Normally, and in every other organization I would think of Outlook Customer Manager. In this specific use case though, the company is only using Outlook on Mac and I found out that Outlook Customer Manager is missing lots of features compared to it's Windows counterpart.


My next guess is the Global Address List. But it's management is hard. Only done in the Exchange Admin Center.... and it's not very user friendly. But it will do if GAL is the way to go.


So, what is your advise in a Windows based organization (90% of my customers) and what in an Apple based organization?


(third party suggestions are welcome, but would like to know Microsofts way to go)

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