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Hi all,


I noticed that CC and BCC fields are not available when I click on "Reply" in a preview email. I need to activate them (on Options-->Show BCC and Show CC) each time I reply an email but they are not keep active for next time. I would say that I could do it before.



However, this works If I use the desktop Outlook application. 


Any information will be useful.


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Ignacio M.

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That doesn't look like Office 365 to me but On-Premises Exchange 2016 or 2019 instead or even still Exchange 2013.

  • Gear icon top right-> Options-> section: Mail-> section: Layout-> section: Message format-> Always show Bcc

The Cc field should actually already always be showing when composing, which is why only Bcc and From is an option.


@Robert Sparnaaij 


Hi Robert,

First, thanks for your response.

Excuse me, I found a random image on the Web just to show what I wanted to say but the problem is really on Outlook Web. Please see screenshot below what I see when I click on "Reply". If I click on "Forward" , Cc is there or If I use the desktop application.





Regrettably, I tried to follow your steps but I did not find that option but I found it on View Settings-->Compose and reply but no luck





Ignacio M.



OK, so when you enable the option in Settings-> Mail-> Compose and Reply-> Message format, the field will show up when you make the message header "active".


Normally, when you hit reply, the message header remains "condensed". Once you actually click on the "To" field, the header will automatically expand and show the Cc and Bcc (if enabled) as well.


There is no option to always show the expanded header when replying.

@Robert Sparnaaij 


No, the field Bcc is not active although I select that option when I simply reply.


OK, thanks for the information. If I use desktop application those fields are active when I reply an email so I thought that the Outlook Web would have same behavior , in fact I would say I was able to see it on previous version. For me, it is useful.


Again thanks for taking your time to check this.



Ignacio M.