Categorize to Highlight Entire Email

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Hi there,


I'm wondering if there is a way to have adding a given email to a color-category to highlight the entire email in that color rather than just a small color category sticker. Similar to the behavior where flagging an email highlights the entire email in red. Is there a way to do this in other colors, basically? I have not been able to find this information in my own search.



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Looks like you're talking about the conditional formatting feature. In Outlook, go to View > View Settings > Conditional formatting > Add > set a name > Edit the desired Font appearance. Then, adjust the condition by hitting the Edit the condition button > go to the More choices tab > select the Categories in question > adjust other criteria as needed.

@Vasil Michev Very cool! This does a lot to separate emails. Thanks!


The ability to change text based on category works well. But is there a way to highlight the whole email in that color. Exactly how flagging an email highlights the entire email box in red. Is there a way to highlight it in green/blue/etc.?

Afaik you can only adjust the Font formatting, not the row background.