Categories, Show Time As and Duration missing in Search view results

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Running Office 365 Preview latest as of now 2012 (Build 13430.20000 Click-to-Run, Microsoft 365 MSO 16.0.13430.20000)


Since a couple versions ago the columns Categories, Show Time As and Duration are not populated in Search list results in Calendar.


Attached a screenshot. Grouping is also not working as the fields doesn't return values.

2020-11-09_11-21-42 Outlook-missing-data-searchlist.png

Anyone got a solution for this? Got a case running with support (the built in support in Outlook) and the last suggestion is to totally wipe Office with Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA). But before doing this I would like to do a check here if someone has a similar problem and possible solution.



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Hello @Mikael Östergren,


The Duration column disappeared for me (or went blank) a couple of months ago (June 2021), and the Message column has not been reporting any results for a couple of weeks now. The data is still there, just not displaying during searches:




It's strange because the columns only stop reporting when a value is entered in the search box. If the search box is blank the columns are populated again.






I'd be happy if the previous behaviour could be reinstated.


Michael Sandel

I Have this same issue. Column shows, but data isn't showing which is frustrating.

I wonder if there is a way to export to excel?