Categories does´nt stay when restart och put Outlook 2016 to sleep.

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Hi. I have a problem. My outlook categories from 2007 will not stay in 2016. everytime I close or the computer sleeps they dissappear and I have to do the Clolour Update again. (Everytime It works but it WONT stay)  I have the pst file from 2007 and inportet it to my new pst file in 2016. I have followed the steps to have the Colour Categories by the task import. I have tried evrything thats on the Internet and it doesnot work. Have talking to Microsoft support and they clouldn´t help me either even by remote controll. They did everything I did..


Anyone knows of this problem or is it just me ....


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Try the following :


The next time you update the coloring, make an export of the outlook 2016 pst separatedly.
The new 2016 pst should include the new settings but keep your 2007 pst elsewhere.
After that, upload only the 2016 pst to outlook and check.