Cant get rid of cancelled meetings

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Hi all, 


Ive seen this brought up a few times but yet to find an actual fix. 


My company email/calendar through outlook have a lot of "webex" meetings which we no longer use. 


I have tried deleting these but they always re-appear.

I have tried declining and still they come back. 

I have tried deleting all entries or mentions of these meetings from all folders and then emptied the deleted items folder - they still come back. 

The person who created the original meetings is no longer with the company so we cant get them to do anything with it and we are not able to install anything on these laptops for... reasons! We also cannot access the emails on web. 


Is there ANYTHING else I can try or are we stuck with these?


Many thanks

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Hi Adam

I dont know if you are also an Administrator in your Company, but try this please with the Powershell Exchange Online Modul:
Just follow the Example 3 and give the Mailadress of that user, which is no more in the Company.

I hope it helps your situation.