Cant Add Second Outlook Account

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I try to add my second Outlook account to from here: i field everything but i get an error and say me:


We were unable to reach your email provider. Please check your server settings, or try again later.


I take the details from here:

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Any help?

@Kwstas Kwstas Did you use autoaccount setup ? That should set it up correctly. If autoaccount setup doesnt work, do you use 2-factor authentication on the account you are trying to add? 

@Diane Poremsky Finaly i added but i cant see my messages! The account see it perfect, its seems like cant synch it!



@Diane Poremsky 

I am running into an identical issue trying to add a second account to my

The second account is a corporate account using and I am able to login to the corporate account using the credentials.

The corporate account has 2FA authentication and I am using Microsoft Authenticator mobile app on iPhone to complete authentication when using

When I am trying to add the corporate account with the same credentials that worked on to my account it fails with the following message:

"Header": {
"ServerVersionInfo": {
"MajorVersion": 15,
"MinorVersion": 20,
"MajorBuildNumber": 3088,
"MinorBuildNumber": 28,
"Version": "V2018_01_08"
"ErrorCode": 2,
"ErrorMessage": "We were unable to reach your email provider. Please check your server settings, or try again later.",
"IsUserError": false,
"UserPrompt": null,
"WasSuccessful": false,
"AutoProvisionFailed": false,
"SyncRequest": null


The corporate login web page does not even show up.

I have double-checked the settings on the corporate account and it does have IMAP access enabled.

I have manually entered the server names, ports, and encryption settings as listed under settings on web-site and it did not solve the problem.

The account is not configured to prevent IMAP access as I have confirmed by installing Microsoft Outlook on a brand new Windows and MacOS computers and was able to connect to the corporate account.
I have been also able to add a different corporate account using office365 to my outlook live account.