Cannot see any older email before 2020 in inbox folder

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I can only see received emails from 2020 in my inbox. Any email received before 2020 was gone and I cannot even find the old email from search. There are old emails before 2020 in my sent items folder. There are also a few very old emails in my archive folder. However, nothing in the inbox. This issue is the same no matter I open our outlook email via chrome, microsoft edge, mobile phone outlook app, or ipad outlook app. Please help! Need to find some important old emails from 2018 and 2019. 

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Do you happen to have an Online Archive entry on the bottom of your left nav pane in Outlook and did you check there? 

I did check that archive folder. There were only 3 very old emails in it. While I was trying to dig into this,  found another problem. My outlook email account is somehow linked with a gmail account. I wondered if it is a compatible issue between microsoft and google product. While I was trying to remove the linked gmail account, the setting does not allow me do that. Could you please help me take a look. Thank you @Vasil Michev 



That's simply representing the option to add a Gmail account, you don't seem to have any added though. And since this also means you are using an account, my initial suspicion about Online Archive doesn't apply. 


Check your Deleted Items/Recover Delete items container, and also try searching for one of the missing messages as they might simply be moved to a different folder.



I have the same issue. After doing a backup before migrating from Outlook Office 365 to Microsoft 365, the backup file was 12.5GB and when imported, the emails did not go back before 2020. 

@gbierman I am also facing the same issue. Please let me know if you could fix it.