Cannot log into outlook!? account not authenticated

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Hi everyone!

2 days ago I tried to access my emails on the Mail app on my iPhone and it wouldn’t refresh. Yesterday I played around with it and searched the Internet for help. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but it wouldn’t allow me to use my email. I went onto my phone settings and tried to remove my email and renter it but it says “Account not authenticated”.

I tried using my phone web browser to sign in but it just keeps “loading” - the type with the picture of the mail and the blue line under. It just wouldn’t load.

So I’ve just now tried to go on my web browser on my laptop and computer - and it does the same thing.

My password is correct.
It accepts my password.
However at the next stage - just before it logs in, it is just loading.

It’s clear the issue isn’t with my phone but my actual account.

Is there anything I can do?
I have important emails I need to access and use this account for everything!

Please please please help! :(

I’ve just gone onto my ‘recent activity’ and there has been over 50 unsuccessful log ins from many different countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam and USA. It said it’s been since 1st December.
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