Cannot import my PST file into New Outlook on my new Surface laptop

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I have just upgraded my Surface Book 2 purchased in 2018 to the new Surface Laptop. I have been using Outlook purchased from Office 365 since I bought the Book 2. I run my own business and have a PST file that has a large amount of important data in it. However, the new laptop comes with 'New Outlook' and it does not allow me to import my PST file and hence years of essential data. I have read multiple so-called work arounds on reverting to a classic outlook app that can import PST file, but none of them work e.g. Toggle switch in top right corner of New Outlook (toggle not there), Modify a registry key (file does not exist) etc.


Can anyone help please? I need to have an Outlook app on my new laptop that can import my PST file and hence years of work emails.

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