Can't select multiple items with ctrl-click

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MS has changed mouse behavior in New Outlook. This seems an unusual move because PC users generally know how to use their keyboard and mouse - and have done for ~40 years. ctrl - left-click has, as long as I can remember, always enabled the user to select multiple items - text, files etc. But in New Outlook (not other MS programs) this has been disabled. This is a fundamental GUI operation. I can only imagine that the developer responsible has not been using PCs very much (or very long). Perhaps they are only accustomed to touch screens and / or are a very young child?


The mouse behavior has also been changed for activating pop-up options, namely spell-check, which is now left-click (was right click). This means that roughly 2 billion users accustomed to spell checking / using pop-up edit menus now have the inconvenience of learning a new and pointless set of operations (Incidentally, the old operation of left click - delete, to enter a word and change a character, not archives the email!).


In conclusion, I think MS should admit this was a mistake and put back the conventional controls. And probably re-assign those employees (or creche residents) responsible. Despite what many people think, I do no believe MS is in the business of deliberately annoying their customers.


Finally - when I tried to find out where to raise this as an issue / bug, I found there is not longer any online way to do this and there are only various software tools to try to fix issues yourself. Since this fits best into the category of feedback / bug repot, I really think MS should reinstate such online services.





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