Can't receive SMS codes from Microsoft

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I have a friend who has a problem with receiving emails in Outlook 2021.  Whenever he goes into Outlook 2021 to collect his email it asks him for a Password. Then it wants confirmation that it's him, and sends an SMS to his phone. BUT IT NEVER ARRIVES!!!!!


I suspect he may have input the wrong mobile phone number when he set up his account.


He can recieve SMSs on the same number from everyone else, and can log into his MIcrosoft account online. but whenever he tries to add alternative authentication methods, it wants to sens an SMS to his phnoe, which of course never arrives - a true 'Catch 22' situation.


I have looked thorough all online support. Nothing seems to relate to this problem.. Microsoft no-longer has Support phone numbers. So I can't talk to anyone. What can I do to break this deadlock?


Currently I have changed contact details on his account to mine, but now have to wait 30 days for that to take effect.  Is there anything else we can do?

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