Can't pull emails from Outlook 365 into gmail

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For 10 years I have used Gmail with my corporate email by pulling emails through POP3.  We had to do a sudden switch to Outlook 365 of our corporate email (MX records).  POP no longer works and I am forced to switch to Outlook.  The problem is I have 10 years of emails on gmail that slows down outlook on my computer and immediately takes my hard drive down to 0 memory.  


Is there any work around to try and get corporate emails to pull back to gmail so I can stay with gmail.  I am not a tech but the crux of the issue is MSFT does not support Basic Authentication Deprecation and will fully disable by Jan 1 2023.  


If gmail doesn't switch to Modern Authentication, then is there any solution where I can ask my Admin to set up some type of routing rule in Outlook so that all emails forward to my gmail without the "FWD" appearing in the subject?  If anyone had advice, we are a small group and my admin doesn't have bandwidth to research so I offered to try and poll folks here to see if there is any workaround for me to continue using gmail.  Thanks in advance


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