CAN'T BELIEVE THIS ! ! ! I moved 3 emails into same folder and they're duplicating themselves.

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Noticed this morning, spent $29 with Microsoft outlook support twice.  it's now 1:45 AM.

ONE of the 3 emails in the folder had 110 screens (10 per screen) = 1,100 entries of same email;

AND STILL GOING.  Curiosity led me to my stopwatch as I watched each time another listing was added.  Outlook is adding 20 more entries every 90 seconds ( one every 4.5 seconds)  (13.3 per min.) 

(798 per Hr.)    BEER  BREAK !!   Just got back with fresh cold one and checked email folder again.

It's now up to 184 screens  =  1,840 entries of same **bleep** !!!     You didn't forget the other two

I moved to same folder ! ! !   they're doing same thing .  Thankfully there's only three emails involved; and since I only have 350 of my 500 GB remaining,   I  DELETED THE WHOLE **bleep** FOLDER.

IS THERE ANY    H E L P !  !  !   OUT THERE  ? ? ?        

Leslie  G.


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what do you mean by "screens" in your Email? photos?


    If you open a folder and it's got thousands of emails in it what's the best way to count how many times an email has duplicated itself ?  WHEN FILE FIRST OPENS YOU ARE SHOWN THE FIRST 10 EMAILS ONLY  ( THAT'S ALL THAT FITS IN MY FIRST SCREEN)..  Highlight the first email - move cursor inside slide bar (AT BOTTOM).    Start CLICKING INSIDE SLIDE BAR -- Each time you click the screen will page down to the second set of 10 emails, then the third set of 10 email,  fourth set of 10 emails;   ETC.   I'm basically looking at    SCREEN  view (of 10 emails). When I finally found the end of this self duplicating email I had clicked the cursor 180 times (180 screens)  @ 10 listings per screen = 1,800  duplications.  Funny thing is when I found the bottom I could sit here and watch outlook add another copy every 6 seconds.


Oh i get it now, thanks for the explanation. I'm not sure why it's happening but can you try find the original emails, copy/move them to another folder and then delete this folder that is constantly creating duplicates for you?