Can't autoforward bigpond PC emails to outlook,com when PC is offline

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I have an email address. I can only access it's emails via 1 laptop using the laptops MS Outlook program.  I want to auto-forward any emails that come to the PC bigpond address to my email address.

I have set up an auto-forward rule in my bigpond email (on the PC) but my emails only auto-forward to the address if my bigpond email is open on my PC. When the PC is closed, no emails received get forwarded to my app.

Is there a way to get my PC bigpond address emails to automatically forward to my address? I ask this as my bigpond PC emails have been playing up and I would rather have them automatically go to my address.



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The only way to do that is if you set up the forwarding rule in the Bigpond webmail. Then mail will be forwarded as it hits the mailbox. Depending on the server, it might forward before any server-side junk filters run, so you might get more junk.