Can't add another email account to desktop outlook

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I recently removed 2 of the 3 email accounts I had on my desktop version of Outlook.  I want to put them back (they are both gmail acccounts) but when I try to do that, it keeps telling me there's a problem with my password while trying to set it up.  During the set-up, after I've input my credentials, it goes into 'not responding' mode.  I end the task after about an hour.  The account is not there because it didn't finish setting up, but now I am getting error messages about the password for this not-yet-set-up account. 


I've tried to set it up a few times and now I get an error message for each of the times I've set it up (see attachment).  I'd just be happy to get rid of these annoying error messages and give up on adding the account.  I have successfully logged in many times using the password and am 100% sure I am typing it correctly.  If it would help to see what exact spot it gets stuck in during setup, I could start setting it up again and screenshot that.  But it would also mean one more error message that will get added to the ones I'm already getting! 


Thanks for any advice anyone may have.

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@Laura Wright Are you using an App password or your actual password? That message is telling you to log into your account at google and create an app password. 

@Diane Poremsky  Can you explain what the purpose of an app password is, and why I wouldn't just use my regular Gmail password?  It says I can use that if I have 2-step verification turned on.  I've never had that turned on (and confirmed it's not on how), so I'm not so sure I've used an app password in the past.  

@Laura Wright Hello, just to put it out there I would recommend using 2-step verification as app passwords can be a hassle (I'm using 2-step enabled via the Gmail settings).

Wait, my mistake, I was on the wrong account! I see I have 3. I have just created another one, input it three times for the three error messages, closed and reopend Outlook and am no longer getting the messages!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two-step verification for Outlook?

@Laura Wright Enabled on the Gmail account from settings.