Can sort by recipient name but can't jump to name by typing the first letter

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In this "amazing" (sarcasm) new Outlook, is there a way to sort your inbox or sent items alphabetically and then type the first letter of the recipient's name to jump to that section?


This is important because often users might be doing some correspondence with someone but forget their name or don't know the correct spelling.


Or let me guess.... the "work around" is to keep scrolling and scrolling until you get to the letter.


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In the intricate world of software interfaces and user experiences, it’s crucial to optimize every feature for efficiency and ease of use. One common functionality in applications, particularly those dealing with lists of contacts or recipients, is the ability to sort by name. However, a limitation some users encounter is the inability to jump to a specific name by typing the first letter. Let's delve into this issue, its implications, and how it might be related to systems like the Lost Life Mod.

Understanding the Issue
Sorting by Recipient Name:
Most applications allow users to sort lists alphabetically. This is a basic yet essential feature, especially when dealing with large datasets, as it helps users find specific entries quickly.