Can Outlook on Android handle multiple emails?

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Back in June I switched from my beloved Lumia 950 to a Samsung Galaxy S10, so Android. Of course one of the first apps I got was Outlook for Android, especially since I have an Office 365 subscription. It's been working fine ever since.


So far I've only had 1 email account  my phone. That's all I've needed. In a few weeks I'll be taking a business trip. I probably should put  couple of other email addresses/accounts on the phone, one of them being my work email address. Does Outlook for Android work with that?

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I've three added for years, no issues that I can think of.

@Vasil Michev Thank you for your answer. I know that Outlook on my phone will occasionally ask me to set up a work email. Years ago, on my Windows Phone, I did that. It seemed as though that dominated all communication from Outlook after that. Eventually I had to remove it from my Windows Phone. If one of those 3 email addresses you had in Outlook on your Android phone was your work email address, I'd like to know if you experienced similar behavior as I did with my Windows Phone and work email address?

I have two work accounts and one added, haven't noticed any "domination" type of behavior.