can outlook alert me if I don't recive email every 30 min?

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I have a question: I receive emails approximately every 20 minutes. I'm wondering if it's possible to program Outlook to alert me if an email doesn't arrive within 30 minutes?

Thank you!

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Hi, Tomazse , First, open Outlook and navigate to the "File" tab. From there, select "Manage Rules & Alerts" (the wording may vary depending on your Outlook version). In the "Rules and Alerts" window, click on "New Rule" to start creating a new rule.

In the "Rules Wizard" dialog box, choose "Apply rule on messages I receive" and proceed to the next step. Leave all the conditions unchecked and click "Next." Now, in the "What do you want to do with the message?" section, select "display a specific message in the New Item Alert window."

To specify the alert message, click on the "a specific message" link in the "Edit the rule description" section. Enter a message such as "You haven't received an email in the last 30 minutes" and click "Finish" to create the rule.

With this setup, whenever you don't receive an email within a 30-minute interval, Outlook will display a pop-up notification with the message you provided. Please note that this workaround relies on receiving new messages to trigger the notification, so it may not be precisely every 30 minutes if you receive emails less frequently.

It's essential to keep your Outlook application running and connected to the internet for the notifications to function correctly.

Keep in mind that if you require more advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities for Outlook, there may be third-party add-ins or software available that can offer more specific and customizable features.
you cannot do that natively. Try to create a Power Automate flow to do that.
yes, I apologize for the confusion